Star fuckers

Sorry if the title of this rant has misled you, hey maybe by design but this issue piss's me off. I'm not talking about "ohh baby yes baby yeah" type screams (sorry to say). I'm speaking about the effect (for example) back street boys have on girly fans. You know and have seen those scenes; band says hello girl screams for 30 minutes then faints, SAD.

That's maybe a bad example because this rant is about the bigger issue… star fucking. What makes someone special these days, it seems to be as simple as getting you ugly mug on the television, it's not the stars fault but more like the brainless mass's that associate media appearance with greatness. *Stars* of today's world aren't great in anyway in my opinion, they perform a task and simply entertain for which their paid greatly, I've never seen the point in asking for a autograph from any individual as if proving that I have met them increased my worth any. Ok it's one thing to say you enjoy their contribution while in passing but waiting 6 hours in the cold for the possibility of seeing a so called star is stupidity.

Today I've heard an interesting point. We print the heads of great people onto our money to honour great people who have done great things (excluding the queen) who's head is going on that five pound bill in a hundred years? Posh spice? I'll personally burn every note.

© Copyright 2002 Wayne Delderfield