Sorry if this offends Christians, but these are MY opinions on My web site, I welcome debate please if you disagree in any way E-mail me, be serious and be professional and I'll reply in kind I may even publish your comment.. This supper power has used every dirty trick in the book to gain dominance in the field. Although I have chosen & written about Christianity here, I am generally anti-organised religion and I feel beliefs are personal and mass religion is too restricted/generalised for the individual (me).

Christianity. The oldest super power known to man, although not as strong or as bloody as it was in years far gone, it's still a major power in today's world. Although Christianity is mealy a group of people who share the same believes in life there is a clear structure of power. My negative views are about the organised church and it's actions in years gone and it's control of members in today's world and in no way am I insulting the followers of this religion as I have respect for people with strong beliefs. There main control comes through sheer numbers, they use the collective to force issues upon the world, in so doing imposing there holier than thou attitude on our society. I have no problem in individuals following there own rules as I believe each of us has to find our own moral code, I will not be forced though to follow the rules and codes of a system invented thousands of years ago and in my opinion is outdated and obsolete in today's world.

I don't want to go on too much about the history because firstly I'm not a historian and I am trying to make this as actuate as possible. Secondly history is in the past and shouldn't be drawled on too much, but I believe Christianity wouldn't have changed unless it was absolutely forced in order to survive. The history is mainly bloody, the believe turned to a reason to justify murder and pillaging in order to gain power and wealth and to suppress. I'll use an example here "the crusades" do you know what this event was? Well I do roughly; it was an example of us trying to force a religion onto a different race BY FORCE. It was an unbelievably bloody event with thousands dying FOR GOD, would any god want this done in their name? Another example was the inquisition; Christians used GOD as an excuse to murder thousands of innocent women for no reason. The so called witches where no more than women healers (It has been said that jealous male doctors out raged about women healing for free started this and soon any reason was good enough to murder).

OK that was the history, the present situation is less bloody but the goal is the same. I believe the Christian church wouldn't have change unless it had to in order to survive, it simply changed it's policies but the under tone of control is still there. One of the big things about Christianity is control; they use fear to achieve this. The fear comes from God, please our God or pay with eternal pain in hell. Excuse me but this is mind control, the minister in the church is attempting to lead you down a road that is full of limitations and rules that contradict each other, if you follow the bible word for word everything is "do and go to hell". They say that they find motivation in "the good book" (the book that has been the single biggest reason for mass slaughter in history). They say it "gets them through there days" why follow written ideals, why not make your own goals in life. They say "it explains everything" but it has been proven wrong in many areas, do you believe man was created by Adam and Eve (Eve being one of Adams ribs) sorry but I'll take Darwin's evolution theory thanks. Another negative point about Christianity has to be the fact it's done everything in it's power to suppress mans technological evolution, if the Christianity had it's way we'd be living in mud huts eating only milk and honey. I believe if it weren't for the hundreds of years of bloody Christian/catholic rule and suppression we'd be a more advanced race of people today.

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