Media Vs Intelligence

Ok I'm partially guilty, I do watch more than is considered healthy television. But that's not the issue right now and besides the T.V gets turned off now and again. The point is, when you get suckered in and brain washed by a simple entertainment device be that television, radio or the internet. People are getting too gullible these days and that's not good in a world of commercials and pro-mo adds.

Here's an example, a show called "pop stars" was aired, documenting the making of a pop group. The whole band was artificial and the members chosen for there mass market appeal, a five piece 2 make three female family friendly selling machine. Shortly after they blanketed all forms of media (radio, TV) so that was nearly impossible to avoid them. Due to the mass marketing/brainwashing techniques the first album became the 3rd best selling song in history. Ok maybe their good? NO! They have the vocal talents of an average well-spoken person but they do have nice smiles and dance well.

My point is, people are allowing media influence their decision making ability's, some cheesy TV presenter says we need something and we start ordering. Look at how many exercise machines are out there being advertised by fitter than fit hosts (they had that six pack long

© Copyright 2003 Wayne Delderfield