List no longer updated as of 2004
Group Album Rating
16 horse power Secret south (3/10)
Abney Park Cemetary number 1 (8/10)
Abney Park … From dreams or angels (6/10)
AFI Art of drowning (7/10)
Almighty Power tripin (4/10)
Anthrax Return of the killer a's (5/10)
At the gates With fear i kiss the burning darkness (4/10)
Backyard babies Making enemys is good (9/10)
Bad Religion Tested (5/10)
Bad Religion ? (7/10)
Bauhaus Crackle (3/10)
Beethoven Favourites (8/10)
Black tape for a blue girl As one flame laid bare by desire (4/10)
Blink 182 Enema of the state (3/10)
Bloodhound gang Hooray for the boobies (4/10)
Classic hits boxset (classical music) (6/10)
Children of bodom Hate crew deathroll (7/10)
Classic spectacular 40 cd box set (6/10)
Cradle of filth my own compilation (6/10)
Creed Human clay (5/10)
Dandy warhols Thirteen tales from urban bohemia (6/10)
Dark tranquility Haven (7/10)
Depeche mode The single 86-98 (8/10)
Disturbed Sickness (8/10)
Electric hellfire club Calling Dr. luv (9/10)
Electric hellfire club Witness the millennium (7/10)
Electric hellfire club Electronomicon (8/10)
Elusive Destination zero (6/10)
Enigma MCMXC A.D (6/10)
Everclear Songs from an american movie vol. 2 (5/10)
Extreme clubbing 4 Torture garden compilation (6/10)
Flesh, fangs and filigree multi cd goth album (5/10)
Foo fighters ? (3/10)
Fusion 19 Reality set in (3/10)
Garbage Version 2.0 (6/10)
Godhead 2000 years of human error (got nicked) (9/10)
Godsmack Godsmack (5/10)
Greenday Dookie (5/10)
Guns n roses Appetite for destruction (8/10)
Guns n roses Use your illusion I (9/10)
Guns n roses Use your illusion II (9/10)
Hardcore superstar Music for the nations (7/10)
Hardy Heller Mix in motion (5/10)
Highlander The final dimension (3/10)
H.I.M Love metal (8/10)
Inkubus sukkubus Vampyre erotica (10/10)
Iron maiden Brave new world (5/10)
Jack off jill sexless demons and scars (8/10)
Jimmy eat world pop will eat it's self? bah somthing like that (5/10)
Limp bizkit chocolate starr fish… (1/10)
Leaether strip Retrospective (6/10)
Led Zeppelin Very best of (8/10)
Linkin' park Hybrid theory (0/10)
London after midnight Psycho magnet (8/10)
Machine head The burning red (6/10)
Maksim The piano player (pending review)
Manic street preachers This is my truth tell me yours (7/10)
Marilyn Manson The last tour on earth (9/10)
Marilyn Manson Antichrist superstar (10/10)
Marilyn Manson Portrait of an american family (4/10)
Marilyn Manson The golden age of grotesque (8/10)
Marilyn Manson Holy wood (7/10)
Megadeth Cryptic writings (6/10)
Metallica Load (7/10)
Metallica Garage inc. (7/10)
Metallica … and justice for all (7/10)
Metallica Master of puppets (8/10)
Metallica Reload (9/10)
Metallica Black album (10/10)
Metallica Ride the lightning (5/10)
Metallica Kill 'em all (2/10)
Metallica St. Anger (shit shit shit) (0/10) SHIT!
Misfits Famous monsters (5/10)
Monster magnet Powertrip (9/10)
Monsters of goth Various (goth) (5/10)
Muse Show biz (4/10)
My dying bride The light at the end of the world (4/10)
My dying bride Like gods of the sun (4/10)
Myleene Klass New beginnings (8/10)
Night wish Ocean born (9/10)
Nine ince nails The downward spiral (4/10)
Nirvana Nirvana (5/10)
Offspring Ixnay on the hombre (4/10)
Offspring Americana (4/10)
Offspring Smash (4/10)
Offspring Conspiracy of one (4/10)
Opera choruses Simply the best (8/10)
Orgy Candy ass (6/10)
Pain (Copyed it, forgot to get the name) (8/10)
Pantera ? (4/10)
Papa Roach Infest (2/10)
Pissing razzors Fields of misbelief (1/10)
Placebo Black market music (7/10)
Queen Greatest hits II (8/10)
Rammstein Mutter (10/10)
Rammstein [SEHNSUCHT] (5/10)
Red hot chilli peppers Californication (4/10)
Republica Ready to go (3/10)
Rico <Sanctuary medicines> (10/10)
Rob Zombie Hellbilly deluxe (7/10)
Rob Zombie The sinister urge (8/10)
Rocky sound track rocky soundtrack (8/10)
Rossetta Stone Chemical emissions (7/10)
Rossetta Stone Foundation stones (10/10)
Saliva Back into your system (3/10)
Sepultura Chaos A.D (3/10)
Sisters of mercy A slight case of over bombing (9/10)
Sisters of mercy Some girls wander by mistake (5/10)
Slipknot slipknot (9/10)
Slipknot Iowa (8/10)
Slipknot Vol:3 subliminal verses (4/10)
Snake river conspiracy Sonic johad (7/10)
Spineshank The height of callousness (6/10)
Stabbing westward Stabbing westward (2/10)
Static X Machine (1/10)
Stiletto vamp various (goth) (5/10)
Stuck mojo ? (3/10)
Stone sour Stone sour (8/10)
Taproot Gift (2/10)
Tristania World of glass (10/10)
Ugly kid joe The collection (6/10)
Union underground Union underground (7/10)
Vast Music for the people (1/10)
VNV nation Empires (8/10)
White zombie La sexorcistto (7/10)
White zombie Astro creep 2000 (8/10)
Soil Scars (8/10)

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