The real name: Wayne E Delderfield (I think there's a hidden joke)
Alias: FreakShow
Age: 24, 1st November 1979
sign: Scorpio
Weight: Around 10 stone
Height: 6 feet in lenght
Religion: Atheist Freethinker
Mental archetype: Existentialist

Location: Harlow, ESSEX, England (A.K.A. the pit)

In to: Heavy Metal, Goth, keyboards, Web design, Graphics, Health..

Drink of choice: JD and coke or vodka and orange.

Smells like: Bulgari Black or Armani Code

Dislikes: Nu metal, Skater idiots, Kids, Trends, Small minds, Red necks, Grass ("UNCLEAN UNCLEAN"), organised religion the list goes on... And cheese is the work of the devil, scary stuff!

Quote: "Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never tastes of death but once" ~Shakespeare

Scariest moment: Going blind for a while.

Most embarrassing moments: getting knocked out by a frozen chicken, in the deep freezer of Sainsburys, getting my foot stuck in my trench coat and falling up a busy train stations stairs... Plus I dance like an idiot while drunk.

I'm just your run of the mill freak, nothing exceptional or outstanding. I am what I am so blah blah blah you get the general idea... Did I mention I'm the second coming of Christ?

Smile man smile
Idiot POSER and split ends click to download
762kb of me being a fool

Moral compass

For defence, to protect what you hold dear I say yes. War is the last resort after all other things have failed, it's the last act of desperation when your backs against the wall, not from hate but for preservation.

I blame it for the hate we have in this world, intolerance and hate mainly can be traced back to the many *good books*. How can systems preaching love be the single greatest cause of death and violence. It makes me sick. We need total separation from church in all political and moral matters. Your free to opt into whatever religion you feel, I seriously fear a religious revival, it's a threat to independence and free will.

Asylum seekers:
We're at saturation point, I'm not a racist man. We can't help our own people, so how the hell can we be expected to shelter immigrants? Close the borders, we need to look to self preservation we're a small self contained island with limited social and economic resources that are being depleted fast.

Freedom of will demands that we all respect the choices an individual makes, even if it differs from our moral compass (long as it only effects that individual). Pro choice.

We all should be able to choose our own destiny? Yeah. But I think baring great physical pain, suicide is for the weak and pathetic. If an idiot wants to stop breathing my air then so be it.

To destroy the land and air we survive on is inexcusable, you fucking idiots. To put money, profit and politics before what is in fact out survival is short sighted stupidity. I hate America for this reason, I see them as one big environmental disaster, time after time They've blocked acts that would help aid environment. And I'm a hypocrite, I do nothing... I should be beaten for this.

War mongering, world polluting greatest threat to humanity to date. They need to be forced in line, I really wish Europe would come together and grown a backbone.

I used to be a racist, that's all I was shown and all I knew... Not the burning cross variety, the other races aren't as good kind (ignorance). But Wayne's all better now. OK listen to my little modified quote very carefully now "ALL men are born equal, they just don't stay that way for long". I hope you understand.